Our current LTL fuel surcharge is 17.50%

Our current Truckload Emergency FSC is $0.00 flat

Welcome to Mexpress Transportation, Inc.

If you haven’t already, you will find our site contains information about our company, the points we serve across North America and how we can provide solutions to more than just transportation problems. Our primary service, however, is being the fastest way to move freight across the border.
One way we’ve streamlined the shipping process is knowing what forms you will need and having them prepared in advance. New customers submitting an application will be provided with blanks of all the necessary paperwork for international shipping. You can then copy these forms and
fill them out as needed. Mexpress will be happy to provide assistance if you are unfamiliar with these forms.

Once we’ve gotten the correct paperwork, you can schedule your pickup by phone or online. When your shipment is en route, you will be able to use Mextrak to track its progress.





Weights & Measures

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Currency Converters

Exchange Rate USD-CAD-MXP

Multi-Carrier Tracking Tools


Industry Jargon & Terminology

Agente Aduanal – Customs Broker, U.S. or Mexican
Arancel – Customs duties, Tariff
Cuota – Quota, referring to toll roads
Factura – Commercial invoice
Fianza – Surety bond. All foreign-owned trailers taken beyond the free zone must have a fianza permit in order to travel beyond this point.

Import Permit – Importer is responsible for obtaining this permit in Mexico.
NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement
Packing List – Like the commercial invoice, this should include gross, net & legal weights.
SED – Shipper’s Export Declaration. This is a form filed with U.S. Customs for exported goods
Temporary Import – Goods imported into Mexico to be re-exported as finished goods or returned goods after being used in Mexico.