Mexpress Transportation, Inc. Is The Fastest, Most Reliable
Crossborder LTL Carrier in North America.



Mexpress provides a scheduled LTL Road Feeder service between 4 airport locations in Mexico and our Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles drop stations.  This service bypasses the normal border clearance process and instead, the freight moves directly to the destination airports where the shipments clear Mexican Customs just as if they arrived by air freight.

When you eliminate the traditional border clearance process, you also eliminate all the costs and delays associated today with the old traditional way of moving freight to Mexico.  Mexpress customers are seeing the benefit of 2 to 3 days transit time to include weekends and complete visibility of the shipment to destination.

Once the freight clears Mexican Customs, Mexpress can provide the final mile delivery for an additional fee if requested.  Most important thing is to confirm if the importer or exporter in Mexico has a Mexican broker that can clear the freight upon arrival at destination airport.  Simple question would be “do you handle air freight?” if so “what is the Mexican broker’s contact info?”



Mexpress provides a scheduled LTL Road Feeder Service from 4 airports back to our Dallas Texas drop station, where upon arrival you can utilize your US carrier beyond or Mexpress will use one of their partner carriers beyond for final mile delivery to you or your clients door.

Mexpress can make the pickup or the “Exporter” can use their local trucker to deliver the freight to the respective Mexico airport.  The exporters Mexican broker must issue an export pedimento for the carrier to get the freight into the airport, where the Mexpress team takes ownership of the goods.  We move the freight on a Consolidated In-bond Pedimento and when we depart the airport, the Mexican brokerage portion is complete.

While the shipments are in route in Mexico, we then issue an IT on each shipment using the Mexpress U.S. bond and cross the border upon arrival, thus enabling us to provide overnight service from Monterrey and 2nd morning service from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Queretaro airports.