Mexpress Transportation, Inc. Is The Fastest, Most Reliable
Crossborder FTL Carrier in North America.



Mexpress Transportation provides a truckload service from all points in the United states to 13 airports in Mexico. Unlike all other carriers, we bypass the border clearance process and go directly to the Mexico airports for clearance. This service eliminates all of the costs and delays that are associated with the border.

When we arrive at the respective airport, our Mexpress employees in conjunction with Mexican Customs checks our paperwork and the trailer to ensure the bolt seal is intact and clears our consolidated Pedimento. The truck backs into the same facility that is utilized for air freight shipments. The freight is then unloaded and counted by Mexican Customs under the supervision of a Mexpress employee.  When this process is complete, we receive a registration # from Customs and contact the Freight Forwarder or the Importers Mexican broker to advise the freight is ready for customs clearance.

We can deliver the freight to the final consignee if you request for an additional fee.


The smaller airports don’t have scheduled air cargo service and are limited to narrow body passenger planes or expensive air charter service.  This means, air freight moves to a major airport, clears customs and is then trucked to the client’s door.  Because we can deliver directly to these airports, our truck load service to these airports is competitive with air or in some cases FASTER depending on final destination!  We can cross into Mexico on Saturday’s versus our competition arriving on Friday or Saturday who will have to wait until Monday in order to unload at the Mexican broker’s U.S. dock for border clearance as they are normally closed on weekends.


Mexpress Transportation provides a truck load service from 13 airports in Mexico to any destination in the US or Canada.

Depending on the origin, we can make the pickup in our line haul trailers or the Exporters Mexican broker can utilize their carrier to pick up and take inside the airport.  An export Pedimento must be issued by the Exporter’s Mexican broker in order for the shipment to enter the airport. Once inside the airport, our Mexpress employee takes control of the freight. Your cargo is inspected and loaded into our Mexpress trailer.

We then issue our Export Pedimento. Upon the trailer’s departure from the airport the Mexican brokerage portion is complete!  While in route to the border, we forward the paperwork to the importer’s U.S. Customs Broker for them to do a Pre-File and clear the freight. If the destination is in the U.S., we can issue an IT on our bond which can be cleared by the importers U.S. broker while in transit.

If the shipment is moving to Canada, by Air or Ocean, we can file a T&E on our bond which can be used by the Airlines, Forwarders and Ground Carriers for immediate Export, proof of export is required.