Mexpress Transportation was founded in 1998 with the goal of improving transit and Customs clearance time to and from Mexico.

In 1998, moving cargo in-bond in Mexico had just been re-established.  Mexican Customs authorities made the process of getting such operating authority nearly impossible. Mexpress prevailed and began offering in-bond service to the airports of Guadalajara and Mexico City in 2000.



Mexpress provided transit times of 48 and 60 hours from Los Angeles Airport using Nogales Sonora as the point of entrance, a first in the marketplace!  These transit times competed with deferred air service and in many cases beat standard air freight service due to backlogs at LAX owing to lack of space and service providers. Mexpress made the process easy for Forwarders and Airlines to do business with by making the process at the destination airport identical to an air freight arrival as it is still moving on the client’s documentation!

In 2005, Mexpress expanded by adding a consolidation hub at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport and added Monterrey Airport as a service point.


In 2006, Mexpress added Houston Intercontinental as a service point and began lobbying to Mexican Customs for a change in the Customs regulations and an update to their software.  In 2006, Mexpress began offering a scheduled overnight service between Monterrey Airport and DFW.

Fast forward to today and Mexpress offers scheduled road feeder service to and from four major airports and ad hoc service to and from thirteen airports in Mexico.  These services are marketed to major airlines, international freight forwarders and cargo integrator which have seen major savings and profits by not having to put their air freight to and from Mexico on airplanes any longer!